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She writes an unflinching account of what it's like to try to live on government assistance and a meager salary in a memoir that doesn't shy away from the hard truths about our society. The legendary short story writer unspools her immense talent into this novel-length masterpiece about the bonds between teacher and student, secrets and subtext, and both calculated risk and the search for meaning.

This one may have you looking at your own relationships more carefully. In this dystopian novel, women from underprivileged backgrounds get to luxuriate in a gorgeous Hudson Valley retreat, complete with home-cooked meals, spa treatments , the works. And you get paid to be there — while you gestate a baby for someone else. This story examines what people will do when in desperate circumstances, and how tightly familial ties really bind.

The poet makes his first foray into prose in this novel that explores the bonds between an immigrant mother and her son, as well as the impact of race, class, masculinity, and trauma along the way. Come for Vuong's stunning language, stay for a story that's at once unique and universal. Bake a pan of gingerbread before you pick up this excellent fairytale-inspired read. This mind-bending collection of essays will change the way you look at mental illness , as Ikpi struggles to explain what it feels like when your brain starts malfunctioning.

It will call into question how reliably any of us can trust our own stories, and challenge readers to embrace radical honesty. An accidental meeting rekindles the romance between former college lovers Annika, who is on the autism spectrum, and Jonathan, who isn't. Endearing characters will reinforce your faith in people's goodness. It's a slim book you'll finish quickly, but won't forget in a hurry. This one takes place after the Great War, when Violet finds herself adrift as one of the many war widows. She joins the borderers, a group of women who embroider kneelers for the cathedral, and finds both community and a new sense of purpose among them.

But then she meets Miranda. Set in rural West Virginia, this is a searing and gritty story about losing it all and fighting your way back. Four friends meet their freshman year of college , as so many of us do. Told in four sections, this book feels both familiar and wonderfully unique. After World War II, the search is on for a legendary Nazi dubbed the Huntress — an effort that encircles an American teen, an English journalist, and a Russian aviatrix.

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Tolentino turns her sharp observations on culture, society, and the things that keep us from seeing ourselves clearly in this collection of astute essays that will make you think about the influences that infiltrate all of our lives. Fueled by insomnia and the anxiety of new motherhood , Molly starts hearing things. Or at least, she thinks she is.

This speculative thriller confronts the duality of parenthood and the darker side of domesticity in a book that will keep you up at night. Told through emails, blog posts and online therapy sessions , this quirky novel about the aftermath of a young woman's death — and the friends working to make her biggest dream come true — is funny, modern and memorable. When Melody's mother gets pregnant with her, it brings together two families from very different backgrounds. This is the story of a hippie food-lover who entered the ivory tower of media and how she came to terms with her power and made her mark on the world and how we eat, forever.

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In her debut memoir, Diaz recounts her childhood growing up in Puerto Rico and Miami Beach, her mother's struggles with mental illness and drug addiction and Diaz's own fight against the forces that would destroy her. It's throbbing with life in a rich portrait that's anything but ordinary. When the humans turn into zombie-like creatures, it's up to the animals to save the planet in this irreverent dystopian romp.

From the author of The Night Circus comes a wildly fanciful lark that has all the hits: mystery, love, libraries, Harry Potter references, and pirates. It's a complex, darkly beautiful story with some of the most inventive storytelling we've read all year.

Taxidermy is cool again in this offbeat family drama. Jessa-Lynn finds her father's body after he dies by suicide in the family's taxidermy shop.

In , Josephine, a freed slave and farm owner, befriends her white neighbor Charlotte, but tensions rise as Charlotte becomes involved with the Ku Klux Klan. Almost a hundred years later, Josephine's descendant Ava moves in with her white grandmother, Martha. You'll meet a teenager dealing with the loss of her dad, a nurse confessing her high school crush, and a young woman about to deliver her baby at a hilariously bad time. When Hiram Walker's mother is sold away, he loses all memory of her, but gains a mysterious power in return.

What follows is a dramatic story of the atrocity of slavery, the power of family, and the war people waged just to survive. In this innovative account of a relationship gone sour, Machado examines her life with a volatile and charismatic woman in a complex, genre-bending narrative structure. It'll blow your expectations of memoir wide open, in the best possible way. When college senior Parveen Shams discovers a book on humanitarian efforts in Afghanistan, she feels called to aid work herself. But she arrives to discover the book was littered with fabrications and half-truths.

This must-read sheds a necessary light on the unintended consequences of American involvement abroad. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. The Best Instant Pots of Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

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Random House. Tea Obreht amazon. Courtesy of Ballantine Books. Taylor Jenkins Reid amazon. Lisa Taddeo amazon. Courtesy of Atria Books. Mary Laura Philpott amazon. Sophie Mackintosh amazon. Anissa Gray amazon. Nan A Talese. Margaret Atwood amazon. Samantha Downing amazon. Lara Prior-Palmer amazon. Bloomsbury Publishing. Miriam Toews amazon. Courtesy of Random House. Lauren Wilkinson amazon. Riverhead Books. Elizabeth Gilbert amazon. Biologist and artist Peggy Kochanoff answers these and many more questions in this illustrated guide to solving beach mysteries.

An entertaining and enlightening look at life by the ocean, perfect for beachcombers of any age. How do bedbugs get into your home? Why are some grey squirrels black?

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Does goldenrod cause hay fever? Naturalist Peggy Kochanoff answers these questions and more in this illustrated guide to solving nature mysteries in the city.

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From ever-present dandelions to waves of starlings and clever coyotes, readers will be amazed at what nature they can find in the city. Historians are like detectives, looking for clues in primary sources in order to better understand the past. Diaries and letters give a first-hand account of life in a specific time and place. Readers take on the role of historical detectives as they examine letters and diaries as primary sources and discover how to use them to study the past.

This fun book gives an exciting overview of the rules, positions, strategies and equipment in football. Dynamic photographs and step-by-step instructions provide tips on passing, receiving, rushing and defending, as well as helpful pointers for playing most positions on the field. Nutrition and the importance of fair play and teamwork are also included.

Why do owls hunt at night? Why do coyotes howl? Naturalist and artist Peggy Kochanoff answers intriguing questions about the natural world at night in this informative illustrated guide. From how fireflies give off light and why some flowers only bloom at night, to why the moon changes shape, Kochanoff encourages kids to become nighttime detectives and explore their world after dark.

Photographs show historians how things looked in the past.

  • La spada che canta (Bestseller Vol. 168) (Italian Edition);
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  • Those Who Sit in Darkness.
  • Financial Management in Health Services (Understanding Public Health).

Readers take on the role of historical detectives as they examine photographs as primary sources and discover how they can be used to study the past. Do dragonflies bite? What is the difference between a frog and a toad? Are leeches dangerous? Naturalist and artist Peggy Kochanoff answers these questions and more in this illustrated guide to solving pond mysteries, taking young readers on an entertaining and enlightening tour of life in and around a freshwater pond.

Discover the answers to fascinating nature mysteries!

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Readers take on the role of historical detectives as they examine speeches as primary sources and discover how they can be used to study the past. In this inviting book, young readers discover ways to practise democratic principles in their schools and classrooms. Accessible, child-centred examples demonstrate key skills and practices, including active listening, consensus building and voting procedures. Good citizens take an active role in making their communities better places to live.

This motivating book provides several practical examples of ways young readers can demonstrate that they care about their communities. From helping to care for community gardens to participating in neighbourhood clean-up events, readers will learn the value of becoming active citizens where they live.

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