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Highly recommend! You are very kind, Julie.

We were so honored to be part of your beautiful event. Your family and friends were all wonderful and the venue was so, so nice. Blessings on your nuptials.

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I thought your husband was a great guy as well. Thanks again.

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Dan Arnold and the Swingin' Standards put on a great show for your patrons or private event. Every member is jazz-trained and their love for this style of music is obvious and infectious. The group can be front and center for dancing or a "show" or in the background. We work around your needs. We have been playing restaurants, bars and private events around the DC metro area over the past year. Our group is made up of jazz-trained musicians who know this genre and love to swing. Report this PromoKit. Jazz Pianist. Leesburg, VA.

Recent review: Guests were extremely pleased He worked with us to ensure…. Normally, at the beginning of the piece where the tempo marking is, there is a note that says to play it in a swing style, or a marking to show that the eighth notes are meant to be uneven. In the absence of these, the "blues" in the title would be a clue. However, in my opinion, a lack of the swing markings at the beginning of the song are a deficiency in the notation. In the world of jazz and blues, how something was played by the greats, rather than what's written on the score, has always been the authoritative reference.

Additionally, notating swing tuples as triples would make the score unnecessarily more complicated. So notes are written as plain eights, and everyone knows what they are supposed to do with them. So if you're ever in any doubt about how a certain blues or jazz piece should be played, find a well respected recording, and there's your answer. At the same time, if you want to play it any other way, with or without swing, and so on, you can always do that too, why not.

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Swing Theory

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