The Real Safety Guide to Protecting Your Environment

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Ensuring a Safe Work Environment

These segments of the population are often more vulnerable to pollutants than others. You should also test your private well immediately if:.

Ground water under the direct influence of surface water is susceptible to contamination from activities on the surface. Direct influence is determined on a site by site basis under state program criteria. To find a state agency to contact, please click here.

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Only use laboratories that are certified to do drinking water testing. To find a certified laboratory in your state, you can contact:. In case your test results are not compared to EPA's national health standards, they are provided for your reference:. The most important rights and responsibilities are set out below.

Your Rights. Your responsibilities to take reasonable care of your health and safety; to take reasonable care not to put other people at risk;.

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Space Every room where people work should have sufficient floor area, height and unoccupied space for purposes of health, safety and welfare. While additional accommodation may be necessary if there is a need for wheelchair access, generally in offices 4.

Effective health and safety management creates value for our stakeholders

Ventilation Workplaces need to be adequately ventilated. Windows or other openings may provide sufficient ventilation but, where air conditioning is provided this should be regularly maintained. Natural light Lighting should be sufficient to enable people to work and move about safely. If necessary, local lighting should be provided at individual workstations and at places of particular risk such as corridors and stairs.

Safe Facilities

Lighting and light fittings should not create any hazard. Automatic emergency lighting, powered by an independent source, should be provided where sudden loss of light would create a risk. For instance, we closely monitor storm activity that may impact the areas in which we operate. Since the inception of OIMS, industry-leading lost-time incident rates have been significantly reduced.

Risks to the environment have been reduced, with a remarkable decline in marine spills and continuing reductions in emissions. From the drilling of a well to the delivery of petroleum products, these expectations provide the foundation for managing risk and achieving excellence in performance in each of our business lines.

Management systems, standards and controls. Operations Integrity Management System.

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The Valdez oil spill. Oil Spill Response Field Manual. ExxonMobil's Culture of Health.

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