The Human Fabric

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Even though the some of his close colleagues in Silicon Valley do not share enthusiasm about it, Thiel became advisor of U. President Donald Trump and his bridge to the tech community. In addition to Erskine Bowles who will be mentioned further below , this is a second important connection of Facebook management board to politics and political parties. She controls operations related to small businesses, advertising and global operations, global marketing, games sales, etc.

Secretary of the Treasury. Less important but an interesting fact is that she was the board member of Starbucks Coffee This shows in a rather amusing way, that all the mentioned actors are by no means limiting their business interests to the digital or online economy, but are, on the contrary, interested into other sources of income as well.

The example of Sheryl Sandberg clearly shows strong ties on the personal level between state institutions and private capital. She stands for a civil servant who became very influential in the business sector. Ties to Politics and Parties The member of the board Erskine Bowles, upper left corner from the inner circle around Mark Zuckerberg, has been also Chief of Staff in the White House, and is the co-chair at the National Commission of Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, a governmental body that he himself helped to establish in Erskine Bowles stands for the connection of the financial, technological and IT industry with the politics and with the Democratic Party.

Even if it is not so easy to talk about the protectionism in the classic meaning of the word, these connections do show the common interest of the actors within the political administration with those of the private business. This kind of political engagement in the context of mentioned lucrative businesses is problematic from the standpoint of European public and political tradition.

From the perspective of civil rights and privacy policy, the strong institutional connections between the governmental bodies, secret services and social networks, i. Mentioned examples show how elites merge with political establishment to concentrate power. We remind readers, however, that this phenomenon is generally not seen as something wrong in the U. At the same time, similar ties are to be found in other branches of industry and in other countries.

Andreas Vesalius' De Humani Corporis Fabrica (On The Fabric of the Human Body) or The Fabrica

By no means advocating it, we think that the global success of a company like Facebook would not be possible without these kinds of capacities. Regarding the managing class of Facebook, we can see that the Google node in the centre, above Zuckerberg on the graph is also important since it connects several important actors. He, however, came from the similar post at Google. A similar situation emerges when it comes to the Microsoft or the Apple nod at this map. According to the graph, in case of the higher management, most of them already had experience of working for some of the top companies in the field.

This fact supports the idea that the higher strata of new knowledge labour aristocracy is already defined and is only rarely pulled up from the lower strata. The following graph is based on the same set of data but visualised in form of the alluvial diagram. It is interesting to notice that people from the managing class of Facebook are not only from the Ivy League universities.

They do come mostly from the best ranked U. However, this is not the criterion for any of them to be at the position they are now. In so far, it could be possible to talk about social mobility concerning the lack of connection between the rise in the company and the educational background. It should be read from the top to the bottom as follows: the country of study on top is the country where the person employed studied, whereas the following category shows the university stated in their LinkedIn biographies.

Below that we can see the job position before joining Facebook. The highest number of employees started to work for Facebook right after their studies and majority of them originates from the U. In other words, only a very small percentage of FB-employees, who began to work for the company immediately after their studies, came from educational institutions outside the U.

After joining Facebook, some employees get relocated. Most of them stay within or move to the U.

Reweaving Our Human Fabric | The Fearless Heart

However, the number of people working in the U. A or moving there is by far larger than the number of Facebook employees anywhere else in the world. The next country with a significant number of Facebook employees is the United Kingdom, followed by India and Ireland. Join some of the best teams building the Web 3. Attend our informal, family-style dinner gatherings Bounce ideas off people passionate about ZK proofs, meet your future DeFi project co-founders, or join a team working on a new scaling solution.

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The Human Fabric

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