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Electric cables sparked and fellow passengers screamed as the fuselage began to split in half. The next thing Larson knew he was awake, lying on his back on some wreckage.

He tried to move his legs, but he was stuck. Soon there was an explosion as the heat ignited fuel tanks by the wings. Then he clawed his way to safety. Of 65 passengers and crew on board, Larson was one of just 17 survivors. Larson was actually extraordinarily lucky. A few minutes earlier, he had done something ill-advised. He was sitting on the back row, chatting to the flight attendant next to him. Though the seat belt signs were on, he undid his. However, after the crash, Larson also had the quick thinking and grit to claw himself to safety before the fire spread.

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Those not wearing a seatbelt are nearly four times more likely to die in the event of a plane crash Credit: Alamy. From arguing over small change while a ship sinks into stormy water, to standing idly on the beach as a tsunami approaches, psychologists have known for years that people make self-destructive decisions under pressure. Footage of the Japanese earthquake in showed people risking their lives while rushing to save bottles of alcohol from smashing in a supermarket.

And when a plane caught fire at an airport in Denver earlier this year, evacuating passengers lingered by the plane to watch the flames and take selfies. During the earthquake in Japan, people ran to save bottles of alcohol from smashing in supermarkets while their lives were in danger Credit: Getty Images. Back in , a lecturer at the University of Cambridge was kayaking in the rough seas off the Isle of Wight when he capsized. Though he had a mobile phone on board, he clung helplessly to the upside-down boat for more than 20 minutes before he remembered.

12 things you didn't know about immunization

He was eventually rescued when his clear-headed relatives alerted the Coast Guard. When a plane crash-landed in Dubai last year, passengers stopped to collect their bags though the plane was on fire Credit: Getty Images. When we think of disaster, we tend to think of mass hysteria.

In the movies at least, people run away with their arms flailing. But the reality is the most natural human response in the face of danger is to simply do nothing. But in a disaster, fighting this hangover from our days out on the savannah is vital to survival. The first clues that our brains tend to go into meltdown under stress came from an alarming discovery. During the Gulf War in the early s, Israel was bracing itself for attack from Iraq.

Following the extensive use of poison gas by the Iraqi army in the 80s, the Israeli government prepared for the worst.

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Gas masks and auto-injectors carrying the antidote to nerve gas were distributed to the entire population. On the sounding of an alarm, the public should retreat there — then put on their gas mask. Between 19 and 21 January, there were 23 attacks.

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In all, more than 11,kg nearly 13 tonnes of high explosives were dropped on the densely-populated city of Tel Aviv. Though no chemical weapons were used, more than a thousand people were injured. The most common symptoms of LBD include: Impaired thinking, such as loss of executive function planning, processing information , memory, or the ability to understand visual information.

A variety of drugs, including anticholinergics and some antiparkinsonian medications, can worsen LBD symptoms. As a result, these medications can cause a severe worsening of movement and a potentially fatal condition known as neuroleptic malignant syndrome NMS. NMS causes severe fever, muscle rigidity and breakdown that can lead to kidney failure.

Treatment should always be monitored by a physician and may include: prescriptive and other therapies, exercise, diet, sleep habits, changes in behavior and daily routines. Individuals and families living with LBD should not have to face this disease alone: LBD affects every aspect of a person — their mood, the way they think, and the way they move. LBD patients and families will need considerable resources and assistance from healthcare professionals and agencies.

The combination of cognitive, motor and behavioral symptoms creates a highly challenging set of demands for continuing care. They stop being contagious about four days after the rash appears. In exceptionally rare cases, even if you are vaccinated, you can still get measles. Unfortunately, no. Doctors can help patients avoid the more severe complications blindness, pneumonia by making sure patients have good nutrition and enough fluids.

For eye and ear infections that can arise, doctors can prescribe antibiotics. And for measles, 90 to 95 percent of a population needs to get the shot. But hidden in the statistics about state and national averages are geographic clusters of unvaccinated people. In these clusters, vaccine refusal rates can be very high.

According to a analysis published in PLOS Medicine , dozens of counties across the country had nonmedical vaccine exemption rates that were between 5. Camas County, Idaho, led the nation with a 27 percent opt-out rate. While all 50 states have legislation requiring vaccines for students, almost every state allows exemptions for people with religious beliefs against immunizations, and 17 states grant philosophical exemptions for those opposed to vaccines because of personal or moral beliefs.

The exceptions are Mississippi, California, and West Virginia, which have the strictest vaccine laws in the nation, allowing no philosophical or religious exemptions. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the parts of the country that make it easier for people to opt out of their shots tend to have higher rates of The most recent analysis of US vaccine policies found that states with both religious and philosophical exemptions were associated with a 2. The measles virus could theoretically be wiped off the face of the planet, never to infect another human again.

In the US, researchers have found that recent outbreaks of measles and whooping cough were indeed closely tied to people who refuse vaccinations.

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To boost vaccination rates, many countries in Europe have been cracking down on vaccine-refusing parents, experimenting with an array of sanctions. But some say these measures are too little, too late. We regret the oversight. By choosing I Accept , you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies.

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