Origine du nom de famille JOSSELIN (Oeuvres courtes) (French Edition)

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Reed, Wellington, , p. The Intendant of Brest, however, had recommended against the appointment on the grounds of insufficient naval experience. The unfortunate Le Corre had served on four naval vessels and had been a prisoner of war in See J.

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He and five of his crew members perished when their ship, the Entreprise, was wrecked off the Three Sisters in Bass Strait on 15 October ; see E. Duyker ed. Had the Aborigines just arrived to commence their winter regime of shellfish, or had they been living off other game by the large, but unusually dry, lagoon behind the sand dunes of North Bay? Perhaps, like the Aborigines on the west coast of the island, the Pydairrerme may have had no need to wander very far from the coast at all.

The author has visited Swan Lagoon in May and found it teeming with swans, ducks and other water birds; see: Ryan, op. Since none of the few Aborigines who became literate in English recorded anything of their language and few English speakers gained any significant grasp of the Tasmanian language, this vocabulary is a precious linguistic vestige.

His papers were taken back to France by E. This first translation incorporates a substantial introductory essay and explanatory notes by Dr Edward Duyker , whose reputation as a scholar in this area has been established with other works, including his biography of Marion Dufresne , An Officer of the Blue Maryse Duyker has worked as a French translator and has published three books.

As his royal blood dribbled on to that famous square, the same day, half a world away, another Frenchman was marching up the shore of what we know as Tasmania. These men were creatures of Enlightenment ideas which elevated the notion of inquiry and criticism, the secular belief that man was the architect of his own fortune. They believed that man could stand over nature, be its master and possessor, rather than stand back in awe of its divine design. It was a search and rescue mission. Six weeks later, he left.

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When he failed to reach Mauritius, the French became concerned. Yes, they had some idea as they left Revolutionary France that, more than once, they might glance death in the face.

But what they encountered was wholly unimaginable — huge, treacherous seas that threatened to smash their ships in half; the jagged dangerous reefs of the Pacific. They would face starvation and deprivation; confront cannibals; they would be imprisoned. Banks had assembled a vast herbarium of genera previously unknown to man, and new species. With the nearby British Museum just 25 years old, private individuals, scientists and naturalists held extraordinary collections, often in their own homes.

In short, he was a bit of a troublemaker. But of his work as a naturalist, there could be no argument. In just 37 days, some specimens were collected, among them 30 new genera and new species. The plants he would describe include the floral emblems of Tasmania and Victoria, eucalypt species, acacias, banksia and orchids. His was a career of firsts:more than plant names today incorporate his name. But a lack of water forced them back to Tasmania and it was left to another explorer to discover the strait between the island and the mainland. This second visit lasted two months while supplies were taken and the ships repaired.

When they sailed again, it was to an uncertain fate. His specimens had been seized by the English and he had to engage the assistance of Banks to retrieve them. Hugely popular, they introduced the great southern land, its mysterious plants and animals, and its indigenes, to the European mind. You never feel you get to know the man himself; you never hear his voice in your head. And yet his later life was filled with fascinating discovery, drama on the high seas, life-and-death incidents — exploits that would make a Hornblower blush.

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If only it could have been better told. He left his estate to his nephew, who sold the library and natural history collection to pay death duties. And so, on the second floor of a building on the Via G. La Pira in Florence , stored in long narrow drawers, there is a little piece of Australia and a large piece of our history. This is a story of science, survival and a grand adventure. He was also the author of the first published flora of New Caledonia.


The result is the first comprehensive study of the naturalist, revealing a committed republican who was shaped by the turbulent years of revolutionary and Napoleonic France. Dr Duyker ranges widely: from the tranquil cloisters of Normandy to the pillaged libraries and museums of Italy, from the Cedars of Lebanon to the verdant islands of the Pacific, from the frozen passes of the Alps to the parched shores of New Holland.

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Dr Edward Duyker is an independent historian, based in Sydney, and the author of fourteen books. It will come as a surprise to many to learn that eight French soldiers were among those shipwrecked on Morning Reef, off Geraldton Western Australia, when the Dutch East Indiaman Batavia foundered in This book, published in Amsterdam in , is the earliest printed work to recount events on Australian soil. Although in Dutch, it was also the first of many books to recount the exploits of Frenchmen in Australia. Very likely at least some of the French soldiers on the Batavia were literate and perhaps carried French books with them.

Or could it be that they sat reading Les derniers vers of Pierre de Ronsard? In the case of the Batavia, I may be swinging the lamp a little too far, but there is no doubt that books in French have an identifiable place in later Australian history. Two hundred and thirty years ago, when Lt. However, the French books on the Endeavour were not confined to scientific works.

The French themselves were not inactive in the exploration of New Holland in this period, yet few Australians are aware that on 5 March — less than two years after Cook landed at Botany Bay — two French ships, the Mascarin and the Marquis de Castries, anchored off Cape Frederick Hendrick on the east coast of Tasmania in search of fresh water and timber for repairs. Theirs was the first French expedition to reach any part of Australia. Indeed they were the first Europeans to visit Tasmania since Despite arriving in Tasmania before the British, the remarkable commander of the expedition, Marc-Joseph Marion Dufresne who helped rescue Bonnie Prince Charlie after the disaster of Culloden , is curiously absent from the pages of the Australian Dictionary of Biography and the Australian Encyclopedia.

In many respects, French vessels were floating libraries. The prize for French shipboard bibliophilia, however, must go to Nicolas Baudin whose expedition visited Port Jackson during the Peace of Amiens [ Baudin was a cultured man with a passion for books and botany. Rose de Freycinet, for example, stowed away on the Uranie, commanded by her husband Louis-Claude Desaules de Freycinet on his scientific expedition of —20, the first major voyage under the Bourbon restoration. Her engaging account was not published in France until ; and it was the National Library of Australia which published the first English translation in Arguably the most important French writer to live and work in Australia was Paul Wenz — Born into a family of wool merchants in Reims and educated in Paris, Wenz settled on a pastoral property between Forbes and Cowra in the s and began writing stories set in Australia and the Pacific.

French literature has long had a reputation for questioning established social and political norms. Similarly, Proust, Rimbaud and Baudelaire have inspired us to use words and reveal the inner self in provocative new ways. While philosopher novelists such as Sartre, Camus and de Beauvoir have challenged our view of the individual in broader existential contexts. Today French language books including Swiss, Canadian, Belgian, New Caledonian and Mauritian publications , can be found in the National Library in Canberra, in every state and university library and in many municipal libraries in Australia.

Furthermore, Le Courrier Australien remains the oldest non-English language newspaper in this country. Despite the increasing popularity of Asian languages in Australian schools, French is still the first choice for many secondary students and continues to be one of Australia living community languages. He was accompanied by a number of his fellow officers, a longboat crew and a black slave. They had landed at Te Hue many times in the previous weeks and had enjoyed good relations with the local Maoris.

That afternoon they planned to fish with a seine. They were never to return to their ship.