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Cohen J A power primer.

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    Krys R Research-based messaging changes public support for human rights. Accessed August 1, Liu M, Conrad F An experiment testing six formats of point rating scales. Collins, Jr. This paper presents many of the factors that contribute to family instability; identifies the gaps in programs meant to serve low-income families; documents the role of federal and state rental subsidy programs; and demonstrates the interconnected roles of rental assistance, childcare, and employment assistance in increasing family incomes.

    The coalition of agencies undertook both quantitative and qualitative research for this paper.

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    The coalition held focus groups with numerous stakeholders across the Commonwealth—families who have experienced or are at risk of homelessness, service providers, and public employees. On Solid Ground thanks the many participants who shared their experiences, as well as their thoughts on how to help increase housing stability and incomes for families across Massachusetts.

    Our “Complete Child” Approach:

    The On Solid Ground Coalition is a cross-sector group of partners committed to a research-based approach to increasing housing stability and economic mobility for low-income families living in Massachusetts. Through this approach, the coalition aims to prevent and reduce homelessness.

    Center for Social Policy Publications.