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Another feasible low-cost measure would be to involve future teachers in research groups, making it possible for them to recognize the value of research in their qualification process, participating in investigations alongside those taking their Masters or PhDs and, in that way, not only learning how research is undertaken but also getting to know and apply relevant research results.

To that end it is important to instill the spirit of investigation right at the beginning of teacher education and not in the last two or three terms as is usually the case. Another valuable measure would be to establish spaces in schools to connect newly qualified teachers with future teachers.

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In turn, working on the research projects would enable them to perceive that they, like the adolescents, are actually going in the wrong direction, insofar as whether they are aware of it or not, they are participating actors in the episodes of violence. It is also necessary to include some kind of theoretical-practical qualification in the curriculum specifically about adolescence as such.

Theories are alright but there must also be consequences and options that can be applied in practice. They need to know that, although certain events are common to all in that phase of life, adolescents are diverse individuals, each with their own skills, virtues, flaws, problems, weaknesses and preferences, in combinations that are unique to each individual.

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That will enable teachers to understand the precautions they need to take in addressing and settling conflicts among students and between students and teachers. Furthermore, teachers must be made aware that adolescence begins roughly at the same time that the school organization changes from classes with a single teacher to classes with different teachers for each subject and that happens against a background of highly fragmented curricula.

In other words, the school imposes a rupture at the same time as the students are experiencing another kind of rupture in their lives as they leave childhood and enter adolescence. Teachers need to acknowledge that they too are responsible for salvaging the lost authority instead of indiscriminately blaming the students for all the problems in the classroom.

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Again, spaces for reflection on possible solutions for real problems could be created: videos recorded by students themselves, in their own visual and auditory languages, provide excellent opportunities for reflection and debate and so does participation in seminars and in actions in other schools in the education network. Future teachers need to construct a kind of metacognition throughout the period of their university course by registering their process. That would lead to permanent meditation and to practicing their writing talents and, lastly, the same future professional should formulate intervention proposals.

For that to become feasible, maximum importance should be placed on the trainee activities right from the beginning of the course. Another aspect concerns the use of modern technology in the classroom. As a supplement, and only as a supplement to that, courses outside the school environment and other strategies could be adopted. The undergraduates do the tasks that are set for them but there is little room for reflection on situations and their possible solutions.

Another point would be to qualify future teaches to prepare activities that allow their students to sublimate their pulsing energy by expressing their poorly elaborated emotions. Sports and drama are highly useful in that direction, especially insofar as they make it possible for a person to put him or herself in the place of the other MATTJE, In the same way, educating for Human Rights education will teach the teacher to respect others and sociably coexist with them in a way that ensures the enjoyment of collective and individual rights.

It will make it possible to guarantee the rights of others, respect for diversity and the adoption of an ethical stance, thereby minimizing experiences of victimization or violence among them.

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Other languages require their own space in the curriculum without, however, turning it into so much bric-a-brac, or a chest of drawers that are opened for the duration of the class and then shut again. The languages are multiple but, nevertheless, the school continues to operate a monopoly of the discourse.

The adolescents themselves declared that their talents could be made better use of by studying art, music, painting and drama and that could also imbue the learning process with more meaning. In addition to all the observations above, Zagury underscored the fragility of the schools responsible for teacher education: the lack of intellectual and emotional conditions to qualify the future teachers in view of all the problems they will have to face in their classrooms.

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Among them are questions associated with their poor ability to unfold subject contents and to address situations of violence between students and teachers, violence in the school in general, drug use and abuse, changes in social values, criminality, paucity of financial resources even for the purchase of essential school materials, lack of parental support for students, non-existence of a suitable place to study in, children who work or who have to look after their homes and their siblings, new family models, intra-family violence and so on.

Those observations show that it is not enough to merely know the theories about how students learn.

They show that working in lower secondary education, that is, grades 6 to 9, requires a lot more than one would imagine because it is precisely the phase with the greatest challenges and the worst and most frequent episodes of indiscipline and violence. Being a teacher calls for far more than mere technical skills; it requires emotional and relational skills as well.

Another aspect that calls for serious revision is the evaluations made during the course, because most of the times future teachers end up carrying out a series of activities and at times report on fictitious trainee activities that did not actually take place, filling out bureaucratic forms, usually signed off immediately by the collaborating school in order to rid themselves of the trainee as soon as possible, and the confection of portfolios of little or no value at the end of the course.

Accordingly, the future teacher needs to have opportunities to experience sensitive environments by participating in them from the very beginning of the qualifying process in order to learn how to deal with a variety of situations in practice and eventually be capable of carrying out the role of educating students satisfactorily. Furthermore, the research results show that physical and financial resources, albeit indispensable, are not sufficient on their own to guarantee the quality of teaching work. More radical changes involve the web of social relations inside the schools and the values that oversee, underlie and guide them on both sides, that of the teachers and that of the students.

Authoritarianism, monologues, emphasis on control and punishments, mechanical tasks merely designed to keep the students quiet, mirror to some extent the condition of the surrounding society in a democracy that is still immature.

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  • For all those reasons, teacher education needs to go far beyond the indispensable mastery of the subject contents. Psicothema, v. Acesso em: 14 ago Acesso em: 23 set. Acesso em: 20 set. Porto Alegre: Artmed: Bookman, Fires in the bathroom: advice for teachers from high school students.

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    Cadernos de Pesquisa , v. Ser professor. Bullying vertical: variables predictivas de la violencia escolar. Acesso em: 4 set. Campo Grande: Alvorada, MENA, I. Cada quien pone su parte : conflictos en la escuela. O passado e o presente dos professores. Conductas de acoso y amenaza entre escolares : que sabemos de las amenazas y el caso entre escolares. Madri: Morata, Washington, D.

    Lo que los profesores pueden hacer para detener el acoso. In them, Wendell talks about his middle-America upbringing, his total ignorance - growing up - of art and of being an outsider among his school mates. He had an art class in college and the professor sent him straight to another college that had a stronger art and design program. From there, Wendell made furniture. A piece entered in a group show in New York at the American Craft Museum brought him a job offer at Rochester Institute of Technology in the city where he spent the bulk of his life.

    Me too. I think Wendell feels pretty much the same way.

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