Loss, Change and Grief: An Educational Perspective

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For people experiencing loss, I believe demystifying the experience is an important step toward healing. When we think about brain trauma, we usually think about physical injury.

Keen and Complex Emotions

But we now understand that the emotional trauma of loss has profound effects on the mind, brain, and body. An especially pronounced example is the Broken Heart Syndrome where stress hormones result in abnormal heart movements and symptoms of chest pain and shortness of breath.

Lost in Loss: A Window into the Grieving Brain - Zoe Donaldson - TEDxBoulder

This may result in an actual heart attack although more often than not, it resolves without lasting heart damage. Imaging studies of the brain show that the same brain regions are activated by both physical and emotional pain.

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These examples show the pervasive effects of traumatic loss. The recent death of President George Bush less than 8 months following the loss of Barbara Bush also highlights the serious consequences of emotional trauma. We now understand that although no injury is seen on MRI or CT scans of the brain, brain injury has occurred.

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In the same way, the emotional trauma of loss results in serious changes in brain function that endure. This map should show the "terrain" or "landscape" of grief.

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Explain that geographic maps detail geographic features, landmarks, and places of interest. Their grief maps will use the design of a geographic map to illustrate some of the challenges that a grieving person may encounter. Ask students to include the following elements on their maps:.

When the maps have been planned out, provide students with large pieces of paper, pencils, and markers, oil pastels, or color pencils to make their final maps. Possible topics and writing approaches are:.

The Grief of Accepting New Ideas

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