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The reader can consult the accompanying Master Index for the breakdowns of where each volume starts and ends, for they do not follow Bible books precisely. There are no book breaks within chapters but only at the end of complete chapters. The entire work is 25, pages long. Others will want to download the entire book of some 25, pages. The cross-references provide a valuable tool for finding out what the Bible itself teaches, verse by verse, and within the context of all other Bible teachings.

It will soon become the most valuable scriptural reference you own. Also included are 11, valuable footnotes from the translators. Also every keyword in every verse is highlighted in light green within its supporting cross-references. Every verse has a unique Book Name, Chapter and Verse identifier so they can be easily searched for and all the Chapters are indexed, if your eReader supports that. This is also in Red type and Superscript font and it appears right below the text of the verse.


If there are multiple footnotes then they appear in the text with the superscripted numbers and their footnotes are listed separately below in the same order. Also the referenced scriptures have been fully expanded, they are all looked up for ease of direct reading by the student. It is only a careful study of the Bible, comparing our English translations with the Hebrew and Greek text, and working from a foundation of having our eyes opened by God, that will bring these mistranslations to our attention.

This they have done in hundreds of cases. Now when the translators translate two or more different Hebrew words or Greek words in the New Testament with the same English word, they tacitly acknowledge that they don't really grasp the distinction between those words in the original text.

Instead they imply that those two or more different Hebrew words are synonyms! But in the vast majority of cases that is simply not true! It is a lack of understanding the real message of the Bible and the plan of God and the revelations of God, that has led translators and language scholars to infer synonymity to numerous sets of Hebrew and Greek words.

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And the scholars who revived the Hebrew language from a state of near-oblivion were repeatedly confronted with gaps in their understanding of the Hebrew text that contained no vowel pointings. These scholars were time and again forced to "reason out" the likely meaning of a word. And while in very many cases they have come to conclusions that are correct, there are also other cases where their lack of understanding God's mind see Isaiah , where the learned say 'I cannot read this' led them to assume synonymity for words that are not really synonyms.

We'll look at a considerable number of examples of the translators incorrectly ascribing the same meaning to two or more different words. It is tough for people who don't have God's Spirit to try to make perfectly correct translations of the Hebrew or Greek text. That is what 1 Corinthians tells us, that without God's Spirit people simply cannot understand "the things of God", their impressive linguistic qualifications notwithstanding. Without a correct understanding of the original it is impossible to produce a correct translation.

And so we end up with many mistranslations.

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Now of the three ways that Satan has used the Bible to deceive us, the mistranslations embedded in the Scriptures are by far the most serious and dangerous for people in the churches of God. We need to be aware of these tactics that Satan uses to deceive people, including us in the churches of God. And we in the churches of God need to be especially aware of the dangers posed by unrecognized mistranslations buried within the text of the Bible.

They are intended to deceive us and to lead us astray.

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge - Bible Concordance

In order to deceive people, Satan must first of all confuse people. Confusion is the foundation on which most deceptions are built. Now if somebody introduces one single reasonably significant deception into a familiar story, we have a far better chance of detecting that deception, than if that person were to simultaneously introduce one hundred different minor deceptions into that same story downplaying some things, exaggerating others, presenting changed perspectives, using stronger or weaker verbs to make his points, imputing different motivations, making unjustified insinuations, shading the truth, etc.

Within the context of one hundred minor deceptions one or two major deceptions can be hidden far more effectively. The sheer number of altered points in this scenario is likely to overwhelm us and to confuse us. And some of those minor deceptions are almost certain to find acceptance, thereby encouraging the acceptance of other deceptions that are not "minor" at all.

Many people allow themselves to be pushed around on "minor" points. Our recent history, in which our problems initially started with the introduction of a vast multitude of very minor changes, thereby setting the stage for eventually introducing a smaller number of major changes, amply illustrates this point. Viewed in isolation, any one of those one hundred minor "alterations" to a familiar story a stronger or weaker verb, etc. But left unchallenged these minor "alterations" become useful building blocks in the establishment of the one or two major deceptions that were also subtly introduced.

They modify ever so slightly a detail here and another detail there, and before you know it a completely different motivation or activity seems quite plausible after all. This is the principle Satan has applied to the Bible.

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As the god of this present age 2 Cor he has inspired a vast number of seemingly insignificant minor mistranslations, which individually are really not worth fighting about. Anyone who questions such minor mistranslations is perceived as being picky, as not focusing on the important things. But sometimes a hundred very minor decisions can collectively have far more significant consequences than one major decision.

The same is true for deceptions. And meanwhile Satan, the ultimate criminal defense lawyer, has methodically confused humanity.

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Translators focus on those minor mistranslations when they change one word here and another word there from the previously accepted translation. Individually these "corrections" don't really make a difference. However, within the context of those thousands of very minor mistranslations throughout the whole Bible Satan has also deviously inspired a considerable number of mistranslations that hide the correct meaning; or they distort and twist the Scriptures in such a way that the truth of God is hidden from view.

In some cases the mistranslations themselves are relatively minor, but the consequences are major. These are the mistranslations which, when left unexposed, lead us to totally wrong perceptions and teachings and expectations. When mistranslations in this category are exposed, when we come to understand the Scriptures involved in these situations correctly, then that usually requires us to make some changes in our thinking, and in some cases even changes in our actual conduct and practices. Over the years I have written a number of articles in which I have discussed some of the more significant mistranslations.

While it is important to focus on each of these major mistranslations or misrepresentations individually, seen in isolation that focus may still miss the bigger picture to some degree. You see, Satan has a far greater goal than just deceiving you and me about the true meaning of a verse here or there. Satan wants to distort the entire picture. He wants to pervert the message of the whole Bible so thoroughly and so completely, that even those people who actually catch a few of his more blatant deceptions here and there are still going to remain confused and deceived on many other issues.

You know that is true for people in general; they are deceived. In this article I will present the more significant mistranslations and misrepresentations that I am currently aware of.

Verse 12:34

This is not the place where I intend to exhaustively prove that these verses are mistranslations of the correct text. That is something I have in many cases already done elsewhere in previous articles, which are available on my website. A detailed exposition of each of these mistranslations would make this article unacceptably long. Here my intention is to provide a clearer perspective of the greater picture that is addressed by Revelation Every single member of the churches of God needs to be aware of all of these mistranslations, irrespective of where our organizational loyalties may lie.

These wrong translations are aimed at deceiving all of us. In some cases these mistranslations are responsible for totally unjustified opinions and ideas on our part. I don' t doubt that there are still other mistranslations of which I myself am not yet aware at this point in time. Revelation also applies to me, as it does to everyone else. As time passes I hope and pray that God will help me to come to correctly understand more and more of the areas in which I myself am currently still deceived by Satan.

With each of the Scriptures below I will present the verse, point out the problem, and where appropriate show the significance and ramifications of the deception that is involved. We'll also consider a correct translation of the verse in question. And I will try to keep each discussion reasonably brief.

In many cases the deciding difference in these two different reactions is not the clarity, or lack of it, of the explanations I have provided. In many cases your personal approach to the subject at hand will influence your reaction to this information in a major way. The more personal effort you put into attaining a clear understanding of these Scriptures, the more help you will receive from God Matthew It is my hope that for many of the Scriptures discussed in this article the information I have provided will become the starting point for your own personal investigation of the subject.

So now let's get started. For easy reference purposes these examples are in a Genesis to Revelation sequence. While some of these mistranslations are certainly more significant than others, we should really be aware of all of them.

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  • This translation implies that this speaks about "the beginning", the first thing that God ever did. So this must be translated as "in a beginning". This opening verse of the whole Bible is NOT speaking about "the beginning". God is here simply telling us: at a certain point in time in the past God had created the universe, including this earth.

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    A correct understanding of this verse makes provision for God to have created the angels before God later created the heavens and the earth. The verb "had created" implies that this creation had taken place at an earlier time than the things that will be discussed in the verses that follow; it implies that by the end of verse 1 the creation of the heavens and the earth had been completed.

    And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. The words "without form and void" are a reflection of John Calvin's views that the originally created earth was an unstable "shapeless chaos", or in the words of the Greek LXX translation, that originally the created earth was "invisible", a clearly absurd view.